Inconvenient fact

A list of “inconvenient” searches that should never be searched on Google

You can search for everything you want on Google. But there are “awkward” searches that you don’t have to search for.

Ugly dogs

We probably know the dog as the most loyal companion of man. But not all dogs are cute. By searching for this keyword, you will see the most unseen dogs.

Symptoms of…

By searching for this keyword, you will see the symptoms of various diseases. Some of the symptoms are really scary.

Smoker’s Lungs

We’ve probably seen many times in our 10-year health books about how smoking affects the lungs. But if you search for that keyword, you will see how horrible the lungs of a person who has smoked for many years are. If you don’t smoke, don’t look.

Pressure Cooker Bombs + Backpack

Intelligence is taking Google searches seriously to prevent potential dangers, and in 2013 a couple were tracked down by police for conducting suspicious searches that could lead to criminal activity. The point is, be careful when searching on Google.

Inside Trash Can

Trash cans are really messy and smell bad because there are so many things in them. But if you do a Google search for the word above, you’ll see pictures of the inside of the trash. In particular, you will see how dirty the inside of the trash can has been for a long time.

Lemon Party

Lemon Party This word may not seem strange to you at all. But the word has a different meaning, and it is a rn recording of three old men. I don’t think you need to watch it!

Clock Spider

Everyone gets cold from spiders for some reason. But if you search for the word above, you will see pictures of spiders crawling on the clock. It’s not clear why people do such searches.

Mr. Hands

In 005, a young man died after committing immoral acts on a farm horse. What he did was truly disgraceful. Please do not search this time.

Blue Waffles

It may sound like a treat to you. But the opposite is true of STIs called Blue Waffles.

Rat King

Don’t look for people who don’t like rats.


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